Friday, November 2, 2012

Theo's 35!!! And a Halloween Parade

 Hurricane Sandy couldn't hold back his birthday boy from celebrating his 35th birthday!  He requested another cookie cake, I guess I did something right last year!  I made it another Double Dozie cake, but this time instead of my vanilla buttercream Theo asked for cream cheese icing.  So sandwiched in the middle is cream cheese icing.  I kept it simple decoration wise, but I had never done a pumpkin so at least it wasn't a repeat.  Singing Happy Birthday above.
 Theo cashed in this year!  I got him a 3DS XL with 3 3D games.  They had a sell at Target where you buy 2 and you get the 3rd one free, sounded like a deal to me!  I also got him a case to protect it with, but if that didn't work I also bought insurance.  With 5 kids who LOVE electronics it's important to have insurance.  We try so hard to keep the electronics away from them or hidden, but they can sniff them out like hound dogs!  This way with insurance, better to be safe than sorry.

While I was wrapping Theo's presents Miriam started to complain, "How come Daddy gets so many presents?" to which I replied, "Because Daddy is a hard working man who deserves this...also this is his money, so....".  LOL!

 All the while we were opening presents and I was busy taking pictures Charlotte was taking advantage of our misguided attention and was going to town in the cake before I was able to cut it up.  This is her "I just got caught!" look!
 Today the kids had their Halloween parade.  Because of Hurricane Sandy everything was postponed, even a major holiday.  We still haven't gone Trick-or-Treating, hopefully it will happen this Monday, but today as the parade at school and their class parties.  It was FREEZING!  And my girls would NOT let me dress them warmly.  With the exception of the tights, Miriam and Emma wouldn't allow me to put long sleeve shirts under their costumes.  Miriam actually started crying this morning when I tried to put a long sleeve shirt on her.  They won out and I didn't force it.  To tell you the truth I don't even think they noticed the cold.  I don't know how I did it, but my southern babies are built for cold weather.  We've been hearing that this winter is suppose to be pretty bad, so I guess that is going to come in handy!

 Tobie is Harry Potter this year.  He really does resemble Daniel Radcliff a bit.
 Emma is some kind of Mermaid Princess, not to be confused with Ariel!  She will set you straight if you try to call her Ariel.  Apparently they had a buddy system and she was paired up with Superman there and I thought it was hilarious she was holding his wrist, not his hand and was practically pulling him along.

Hannah and Charlotte, freezing but they loved the parade.  Happy Halloween Y'all! 

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