Monday, November 19, 2012

First Week Results are In

I am so excited, I had a VERY successful first week of the Accountability Project.  I woke up yesterday morning, went to the bathroom, weighed myself and I was...

Drum roll please....-7 lbs! 

That's right!  I lost 7 pounds!  Woo-Hoo, go me!  I guess there really is something behind being accountable.  =)

I think I did pretty well yesterday on my day off, I didn't go too crazy.  But it wasn't what I did eat that I thought was horrible, it was what I didn't eat.  I reflected on what I ate last night and realized I hadn't eaten a single veggie all day!  Not even for dinner, since we had a breakfast dinner we had plenty of fruit, but no veggies.  I like vegetables, but I've learned about myself that I don't like vegetables raw and cooking them can be a little time consuming.  I would rather reach for the easy stuff in the pantry than wash, cut and cook a bunch of veggies.  That's what I like about this diet, it makes me be more aware of how much veggies I consume.  I was actually happy to get back to my routine today!

Accountability Project Day 8:

1 cup warm water, lemon and honey
1 cup water with White Flood
Sauteed mushroom, onion, red pepper 2 egg omelet with salsa
Diet Soda
Kefir smoothie with frozen berries and coconut milk
Pizza, supreme pizza with mushroom, onions, red bell pepper, turkey pepperoni topped on a gluten free crust

That's it for me today, no workout routine unfortunately.  I was up until 2 a.m. with a sick baby, and then spent all morning at the doctor's office and getting medicine.  I was pooped by mid afternoon and ended up cat napping on the couch snuggling Hannah while she was watching movies. Hopefully tonight I can get a full nights sleep and be ready to workout in the morning.  I just hope my baby is feeling up to it.  If not, it's always good to have a treadmill, I just wish treadmills had a down hill setting. =)

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Carole said...

Fantastic. Way to go. Have another great week.