Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bumps in the Road

So...I've hit a bump in my Accountability Project.  I'm getting bored with this diet, and I'm not seeing the results I would like.  Sure I lost those 7 pounds 2 weeks ago, and you the reader know this as day 16, BUT I've been on this diet since November 1st.  Yes, 7 pounds is good, but I tend to have a 10 pound buffer.  I bounce around within 10 pounds, up and down constantly, so unless I get under a certain number I'm not sold on a diet.  I'm not going to post my eating for awhile until I get a new game plan. 

I don't want to totally give up on the Project, I just want to tweak it.  It's already proven effective, but also not so effective.  What I mean is, at the beginning I was very motivated to do this, but after almost 3 weeks I'm not really getting the feedback I was hoping for.  I've had a few people comment, either with tips, advice or encouragement, but it's so sporadic and scarce I feel like this is just glorified food journaling.  I don't feel very accountable.  Maybe I'm doing everything right?  I've had my blood work done, my thyroid is fine, my B12 is good.  The only thing wrong with me is low Vitamin D which is easily corrected with a pill. 

I've gotten in contact with a Dietician and hopefully I'll get put on a more productive diet.  I'm still training for my Half marathon in January, so my workouts will stay the same, but as far as eating goes, I don't have a plan right now.

I'll keep you posted as to what happens in the near future.

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