Sunday, November 4, 2007

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Cake Anyone?

This was the real reason I threw a party. I wanted an excuse to make this cake. (just kidding, but not really=D.) This was a bittersweet project. It was super fun to work on and the the result was awesome, but it took away from family time and it was pretty stressful. I was up until 1 am the morning of the party putting the finishing touches on it, and I started it on Wednesday. I think it took me about 16 hours to complete this cake. Now I know why cake decorating places charge so much for a cake!
My camera was acting kind of spooky last night. Most of my pictures came out a little fuzzy.
The towers and the front roof are a part of a castle kit I bought and I just covered it in fondant. Fondant is kind of a playdoh consistency, but I don't really like the taste of it so I covered the cake in buttercream icing instead of covering the whole cake in fondant like the instructions call for. That is colored coconut around the base and a marshmallow fence to hold it all in. I just happened to have some black spray food coloring that I sprayed them with.
Had to get every angle. It really was a sad thing when I had to pull all the towers out from the top and start cutting into it. I understand why Duff from Ace of Cakes doesn't hang around for his cakes to be served. It's like a little piece of you dies when you cut into your work of art. I was totally bragging about the cake all night long, but I figured with all the work I put into it I earned that right!

Post Halloween Party

We just had our Post Halloween party last night. It was so much fun, but I have to say I am ready to say good-bye to Halloween for another year. I was suppose to have this party last Friday, but because of the fires in San Diego Theo was deployed to help the efforts of getting them under control. I felt silly having a party for him with him not even being here, so I postponed it for yesterday even though it was after Halloween. But it was fun and we had great food and friends, so the night was a success in my mind!
I have this huge comfortable red couch, but most people opted for the patio furniture and the floor. Go figure!
I created a haunted hall through one section of my house. It was blocked off by black garbage bags, and when you walked through this is the first thing you saw. I actually had a black light down this hall but the flash lit the hallway. This was really dark and spooky!
This picture was motion sen censored and when people would walk by he would have some silly phrase and then stick his eyes and tongue at you. Pretty funny.
I had these shrunken heads hanging from the ceiling that people would bump into. On the wall in the background was a mirror where a witchwould light up and start cackling.
This guy was in Tobie's room.
This is Miriam's room and it actually had a strobe light. When the door opened it would set off the guy in the rocker. On her bed is a cauldron that is holding all the goody bags. I told the kids that if they wanted their goody bags they had to go get them.Some kids were brave enough and didn't care, but there were a few that couldn't force themselves into the room. Their parents helped and got their bags for them, so everyone went home happy.

Some party goers. A Coastie family and member of the ward. They just had their first child and she is adorable!
Another member of the church as a Geisha. Her cute little boy, Enoch. I just think that is an awesome name! He was a dragon, but it was a little warm in the house with all those people and it was just a warm night in general.
This is another Coastie wife who really helped me with setting up the party. She even came over the night before and helped with my masterpiece, the Haunted Castle cake. Thanks Bebe!
The clan! I may look like a sleep deprived Snow White because I was up until 1 am finishing my awesome cake that I am so proud of. Theo was a helicopter pilot, Tobie a vampire, Miriam a fairy princess and Emma was just adorable.
Daddy and Emma celebrating their birthday. Emma was fighting Theo to get to the cake, I just wanted her to look at me, but it wasn't going to happen. We all sung Happy Birthday and then the saddest part of the night, I had to demolish my cool cake. Oh well, I will always have the pictures to remember it by. It was a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache in the middle. Pretty tasty!
It was such a fun night and now we have a ton of props for next year!