Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hannah is here!

I just got back home today, and I am so happy to be in my own space again. Although the energy radiating off my other three kids is enough to drive me back to the hospital. They can't get enough of Hannah or me for that matter. It's amazing how just 2 days gone and they act like I have been gone for 2 weeks. It has been a great experience though, the hospital was great the epideral worked (Hallelujah!!!) and Hannah is just the cutest thing ever! It all started early Thursday morning when I woke up at 3:30AM to go to the bathroom. After I laid back down I got a pretty serious contraction. It was the first, so I just dismissed it as I fell back to sleep. About 20 minutes later another one was so bad that it actually woke me up. That was a first for me, so I started to get a little paranoid and nervous. I couldn't fall back to sleep and I started timing them. They become closer together and at 11 minutes apart I figured I should get in the shower and get ready to go to the hospital. At about 6:45 AM I was hit with the BIG one that told me to jump in the car right away. It was the beginning of the crying for mommy contractions. Going southbound on the 101 in the morning is THE worst time and place to go into labor. It took us 30 minutes to take a 10 minute drive and my contractions were getting worse and closer. When we got to the hospital my doctor had already warned them that an old pro was coming in to give birth so they had everything ready for me. Even the anesthesiologist was waiting outside the room! As soon as we came through the doors the nurses say, "You must be the one giving birth to #4!" I got all hooked up and then played the waiting game for a little while. Finally at 12:45PM Hannah decided to stop hiding and enter into the world. She is 7lbs and 14oz and 21 inches long. She really is a carbon copy of the other kids, but I think she mostly looks like Emma. Even when Emma came to visit me in the hospital and we let her hold Hannah, it looked like Emma was holding the baby version of herself, it was very twilight zone-ish. Now the fun starts of being a mom of 4 kids instead of 3.

Tobie came in that first night, held Hannah for about 30 seconds and then asks, "So, do you get Cartoon Network in here?" He's an old pro to!

Emma has been really apprehensive about the new addition. She didn't even want Hannah leaning on her, she coiled away like she had the plague or something. But she has really warmed up to her since I have been home. In fact my two mother hens as I like to call them, are constantly fighting over who gets to hold Hannah.

Miriam was and still is the most excited to have another sister. She has been so cute with Hannah, commenting on how she has such tiny hands, and tiny and feet and my personal favorite how she has such a tiny chin. She is going to be such a great big sister!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My First Grader

I meant to make this posting last week, but just haven't been able to get to it until now. Tobie started the 1st grade last Wednesday and he is doing really good so far. Everyday he tells me he is getting green faces, which is an awesome improvement from last year. His teacher that he actually had last year (she moved up to teach 1st this year) called on the second day to tell me what a model student he has become. I told her not to jinx it. =) After I got off the phone with her I was telling Tobie what she said, and he said matter-of-factly "That's because I am a 1st grader." I just really hope that he keeps it up.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Karate Kid

Tobie has turned into our little karate kid. He is really starting to focus more and finally progressing. Shortly after his birthday he had his first stripe test, the test before trying for his yellow belt. We were really nervous for him and his teacher even put off the test once saying he wasn't focused enough. But as you can see the black stripes on his white belt, he studied and focused and was able to pass his test.
He is also a little goal setter. We went to one tournament a few months ago and we didn't know what to expect from it, and it showed. Tobie just got a star for participation and no medals. After that he set a goal for himself that he would get a medal next time. He worked hard and this is the reward for his efforts. He got second place in one event and third in another. We were so proud of him, especially at the fact that he set his own goal and was able to achieve it. Way to go Tobie!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby Update

So my appointment was today and nothing has changed from the one last week. The baby is still high although I swear she is trying to find her way down because I can't sit, stand or bend without a piercing sharp pain in the muscles in my lower abdomen. I have developed a bad case of heart palpitations, which my doctor thinks is related to the caffeine I drink. I only drink one 12oz. can a day, if that, but she says that the strain on my body is reacting adversly to the caffeine and unfortunately won't go away until after I have the baby. I have stopped drinking caffeine, but the palpitations are still there pretty bad. She gave me a referral to a cardiologist that I need to call tomorrow and set up an appointment. I don't think there is anything they can do for me, but it is a good idea to just keep an eye on it and make sure that it goes away after the baby comes. Other than that nothing major, just your usual discomforts and annoyances. I will keep the updates coming as I progress.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

2 Week Count Down

So here I am with only 2 weeks until my due date. Everyday is a possibility of course, and I am soooo ready to not be pregnant anymore. The contractions have started, but the baby hasn't dropped yet. Although I read that when you have had several pregnancies the baby could drop just hours before going into labor, so I can't really rely on that. I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and will give the updates then.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

8 Things...

8 things I am passionate about:
1. My religion
2. My husband
3. My kids
4. My health
5. My integrity
6. Knowledge
7. Girls nights out
8. Sleep

8 books I have read and enjoyed:
1. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
2. New Moon by Stephanie Meyer
3. Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer
4. Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer (you see the trend!)
5. Wicked
6. Jane Eyre
7. Persuasion
8. Lord of the Rings Trilogy

8 Words/Phrases I say often:
1. What the crap!?!
2. 1...2...3...Get to your room!
3. "Miriam (or) Emma, you're so pretty!"
4. I'm pregnant. (ha ha)
5. Man, I'm tired.
6. Stop screaming! (to my two little banshees!)
7. Focus Tobie!
8. Guess what?...I love you!

8 Things I want to do before I die (in no particular order):
1. Go on a mission with Theo
2. Learn another language
3. Send Tobie on his mission
4. See all my children married in the temple
5. Go on a cruise, or 2 or 3. Heck, make it a yearly ritual!
6. Travel to as many countries as possible.
7. Be athletic, maybe even be a marathon runner!
8. Have a nice house with a big tub, big kitchen and a pool.

8 Things I have learned this past year:
1. Birthdays aren't that much fun as an adult
2. Marriage gets sweeter and sweeter
3. You have to pick your battles
4. Take advice with a smile and skeptisism
5. Cake decorating is fun, but a lot of work!
6. Theo looks REALLY good in glasses!
7. That I just have to read the scriptures to my kids every day, I don't have to make them listen
8. Things get done faster if you just do them.

8 Places I want to see:
1. Bora Bora
2. Where my family lived in Berlin, Germany where I was born
3. Spain
4. Go back to England and Scotland
5. New York
6. Grand Canyon
7. Japan
8. As many temples around the world as possible

8 Things I currently want/need:
1. New dining room table and chairs
2. A house of my own
3. To be closer to my family
4. A huge bathtub
5. Money
6. Sleep
7. Patience
8. A vacation with just me and Theo

8 People I want to tag:
Actually just whoever wants to play!