Monday, October 25, 2010

And the next King of England is....

He may not have been able to pull the sword out and stake his claim on the kingdom, but he definitely rules my world! I sure do love that man!!! =)
I think he failed because of the way he executed his plan. I'm sure if he gripped the sides it would have come out, no problem!
This is Miriam giving it all she's got! Look at her strained face! Priceless!
Emma's is concentrating so hard! I think she is trying to use the powers of the mind to get the sword out.
Now that's just plain adorable! They need to just give it to her for her level of preciousness. Imagine the countries that would bow to this little girl after being defeated by her blinding cuteness! She would be unstoppable!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Autographs Galore

We decided once we got to Disney World that an Autograph book would be a good investment as soon as we saw the short line to see Ariel and Prince Eric. Of course I couldn't get just one, I got 2 of them. I know next time I won't be able to get away with not getting one for Hannah, I barely made it out alive because I didn't think she would notice or care too much about the book. Boy was I wrong!

So many mixed feelings swirl around meeting all these famous Disney characters. The kids were so excited until we walked up to them, that's when the eyes stayed on the ground, they lost the ability to speak and Hannah even went into convulsions a few times.

Still, those books were very treasured, and I'm sure that they will be again once I fill it with these pictures.

Apparently Emma's hands tasted just too good to pull them out of her mouth for a quick snap shot. Tobie was dragged in by Prince Eric, I guess he figured if he has to stand there in the costume Tobie could endure a few moments embarrassment.
Hannah looks so excited to see Princess Aurora! But Emma is still cautious. She's cutting her eyes like, "Don't make any sudden movements.".
I guess she trusted Cinderella more and even decided to mimic her pose. Too cute!
She really warmed up to Belle. She even ran back after this picture was taken to give her a hug!
Hugs all around!!! See Hannah clutching that autograph book? She didn't really care about the autographs, she saw it as a drawing book. Mean Mommy had to keep taking it away as soon as she learned how to click the pen open.
Who knew Mickey was near-sighted?
The whole family! Hannah is trying desperately to put some distance between herself and the costumed freaks. This is one of the convulsions I was referring to.
Okay, I can't look at these pictures of the fairies without feeling a bit of rage boiling to the surface. We waited 45 minutes to see them, when we finally got in Emma and Hannah refused to get in the picture. Not only refused, but screamed like someone was twisting their arms and tried to hide behind my dress. Then at the end when we walked out, I saw that Tinker Bell signed just one book and the purple fairy signed both. I don't even know the orange fairy's name since she didn't sign either books. I was crying I was so livid! I almost marched in there and demanded that they all sign the books, but figured my pregnancy hormones might have induced that revenge induced tantrum and decided not to. Besides getting kicked out of Disney World was not on my agenda.

At least Tinker Bell was the only one who came out to TRY and coax Emma into a picture. The other two were just like "Oh well!".

Again you'll notice Hannah on the outside of the group trying to get as far away from the gigantic bunny as possible.
This was right when the park closed at midnight and we just happened upon Donald Duck. Emma just woke up and I shirked on my protective Mommy duties and tried to get Hannah right beside him. That was another of her convulsions. She is screaming "NO!" and trying to pull away. I tried to shield her as much as possible, I'm not completely heartless! I told her to say bye-bye and as she is shaking in my arms and half crying she starts waving and saying "bye-bye!". It was so sad and funny at the same time.

Ah, good times.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Emma's 4!

My third child, Emma just turned 4 yesterday! I kind of feel like I have been so focused on Hannah and the pregnancy that I am completely missing her growing up. =( If anyone is going to suffer from middle child syndrome, it's going to be her. But Heavenly Father blessed her with a very independent and strong headed spirit (a lot like her Mama!), so I'm not too worried.

I know several of my friends have a tradition of waking up the birthday kid while singing the birthday song and showering the groggy kid with presents. Not me. Call me a mean mom, but I make them wait ALL DAY LONG! Then after they have had their birthday dinner we pull out the cake and presents. I guess it's because I love surprises, maybe more than the actual surprise itself. Several times Theo wants to tell me what he has gotten for me, but I won't let him tell me. I savor the moment for as long as I can, and I do the same thing with my kids. They don't know any better, so they are very patient! Or they have inherited their Mommy's love of surprises as well.

We love the "Pinkalicious" books, so when we saw they had the costume stuff with purse and gloves included at Wal-Mart we just couldn't pass it up. Can we say Halloween costume??? ;)
All the gang. It was a nice little celebration with my Mom and Dad coming over for cake and ice cream.

Happy Birthday my little 4 year old!!!!