Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Little Sick Hero

Theo has been gone for almost 3 weeks now, and of course that is when all the kids and myself get sick. It's Murphy's Law and I am a jinx, so I knew something was coming. Two Sundays ago our whole family stayed home from church because Miriam and I were up until 3 am throwing up and dealing with diarrhea. A friend of ours from church brought dinner for us that night. Up until this point Tobie was chomping at the bits to go outside. He was totally unaffected. Our friend before leaving told Tobie that he is the man of the house now that Dad is away and that he has to take care of us all while we are sick. Well at 6:30 that night Tobie started saying he wasn't feeling good and shortly thereafter started throwing up. This sweet little boy looks up at me from the toilet after just throwing up and says, "Now who is going to take care of you?" He was so sincere that I just wanted to give him a huge squeeze. I didn't since he was still in the process of emptying his stomach, but what he said really really touched me. Now this whole week he has been battling a fever that just doesn't want to stay away. I took advantage of the priesthood around me and had some brethren come and give him a blessing. I was overcome with emotion at the opportunity that we have this wonderful power at our disposal. And there is no one more deserving of the blessings than this sweet spirit who was so determined to step up to the plate and be the man while Mom and sisters were sick. He really is my hero!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Perfect Spirit

"And I also beheld that all children who die before they arrive at the years of accountability are saved in the celestial kingdom of heaven." Doctrine and Covenants 137:10

I met a perfect spirit. I knew a very sweet lady who would bring her boys into childwatch. When I was pregnant with Emma, who was a surprise, she told me that she was pregnant also, and this one was a surprise for her to. She had her third boy, Anthony, in April and shortly after he turned 7 weeks she started to bring him in to childwatch. This little baby was the sweetest and most loving baby. As soon as you started looking at him he started to smile. He never complained, whined or cried. In fact I feel guilty about not being able to hold him more because if there is a fussy baby the happy babies get put down so the fussy ones can be tended to. The last time I saw little Anthony was August 24th, then we had shut down in the YMCA and we were closed for a week. Yesterday I was told that sweet baby Anthony passed away on August 31st. He was only 4 and a half months old. SIDS took his life. Today I attended his funeral with some of my co-workers. I know that this infant suffered no pain and that he was taken because he was perfect. But my heart was breaking for the emptiness that the mother must be feeling. Not to be able to ever hold your sweet squishy soft and cuddly baby ever again. The mother in me was screaming "WHY?". But I know why, it just doesn't make the separation any easier. As I watched her walking away from the grave site where the tiny casket was lowered, she kept looking back over her shoulder. I could feel her forcing herself away from her baby. A mothers instinct is to protect her baby with her life and now she has to leave that lifeless body all alone. His spirit is no longer there, his body is now just an empty shell. It served it's purpose, he gained his body and now he can return to Heavenly Father in the Celestial Kingdom. There is no chance that he will stray or that he will never hear the gospel. He will never fear terrorism or disease. He lived a simple happy and love filled life and now his journey is over. This sweet baby is in a better place that so few of us will ever see. I know these truths, but I am still weeping. I still ache for a mother who had to say good-bye to her precious baby. This little 4 1/2 month old baby has taught me how precious life really is, so I will hold my little ones closer and tighter and longer tonight. I ask that whoever reads this that you will keep Anthony's family in your prayers.

Karate Kid

As you all know, Tobie started Kindergarten and has had a little problem with the adjustment. Even though he spent a year, 5 days a week at a very nice pre-school, he is still finding it hard to manage his wiggles in class. He tends to play-fight and he can get carried away and that's when accidents happen. I keep telling him that he needs to control his body,but he responds, "My head keeps telling me to do it!". So after the teacher called me after one week of school and told me that he had lunch in the principals office I decided to take action against the voices in his head and signed him up for Karate. I figured that sports might not work since you can't wear down Tobie, and it isn't wearing him down that I think needs to happen. He needs to gain control over those naughty voices and command respect from them. He needs inner discipline! I really hope that these classes will help him in his efforts to be the victor over the impulsive, spasm-esque behavior he is portraying at school. I will keep you posted on his progress, or regression. (Heaven forbid!) Pray for me.

Hi-tech Toddler

Miriam is only 2 years old and has already mastered the Bluetooth. She was really upset that I wouldn't give her Emma's yogurt and started yelling for Daddy. She spotted my Bluetooth on the table and exclaimed, "I want to call Daddy." So I called him for her and she immediately calmed down. She is really getting the hang of it and just talks up a storm. She was talking to Theo one day when I was walking into the school to pick up Tobie. This parent was looking at her and she pointed to the Bluetooth and said, "Daddy." She looked so professional, and many parents stared and laughed, but she is so technology savvy!


I was actually having a very somber day when Tobie found this plastic ball that you could stretch out and put on your head. We had a great time with it, we just couldn't decide who's turn it was since I only had one. The silliness of children is a true joy, and a blessing. I think this was the only time I smiled that day.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Little Beethoven

The benefits of working in Childwatch at the YMCA is that I get the discarded toys. This toy was loved, but loved a little too much and the kids were constantly beating each other up just to have their turn. These "fighting toys", as they are referred to, are either given away or tossed out. I was the lucky recipient of this neat little piano that Emma absolutely loves! Even if she falls off the seat she will reach up with all her might just to push the keys. She loves music, I think the most out of all three kids, so it will be interesting to see what talent is locked away inside this tiny little odyssey.