Friday, January 25, 2008

Baby Genius

I would like to take this opportunity to brag about my brilliant daughter! She did these puzzles all by herself. She isn't even 3 yet! Some of the pieces are missing, but without any help from mom she got all the available pieces put together. Tobie was really good at puzzles to, but I didn't start buying these kind of puzzles until he was older. She is really amused by them, she will put them together then take them apart and then put them together again. She could stand there for a long time. She is going to be a genius!!! (If anyone else's kids are really good at puzzles at a young age, please don't pop my bubble.)

Red Face = Forts

When Tobie gets a red face at school, they have 3 colors, red being the worst, he is grounded from T.V. and playing with friends for that afternoon. This is what resulted in the grounding, a magnificent fort! I loved building forts when I was younger and I guess I still do. Tobie was trying so hard to make this work, but Mommy with her Architectural degree in fort building came in to complete the task. I didn't get in it, the laughs and giggles from inside the fort were enough for me. The cats scratching post is in the middle for support.

A look inside. Here is Tobie really enjoying the fort. Miriam really liked it to, I just couldn't get her to look at the camera. So that night as I am putting Tobie to bed I go through my usual speech that "we're going to try harder tomorrow to get a green face, right?" Tobie says, "If I get a red face can we build the fort again!". He tends to find the silver lining in all types of situations. He did get a green face the next day, so hopefully he learned his lesson in the fort. =)

Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm an orange!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake!

I had two cake orders due this weekend. The Spongebob was the first character cake pan I have ever done. After doing all the little stars I couldn't open my hand all the way. I had to massage it open! But it looked good and the lady I did it for gave me more than I was charging so it was a happy delivery!

This cake on the other hand was one of my own creations and I thought it was gorgeous, but when I dropped it off all the lady kept commenting on was how small the cake was. It's a standard 13X9' double layer sheet cake. Now I am totally paranoid and worried that she doesn't have enough cake. This is for a 4 year old's b-day party. Those little kids don't eat a lot of cake, right? Plus that rock Ariel is sitting on it nothing but cake! I really hope it is enough. Pray for me, and all those sugar deprived kiddies at tomorrow's party!

Pink Eye

This is how we started our New Year. Poor little Miss Miriam got a horrible infection in both her eyes. Theo took her to the emergency room where they diagnosed her with a severe case of Pink Eye. They gave us the usual eye drops and within a few days the swelling and nasty eye goop was gone. I swear, I have changed some nasty diapers, wiped up vomit and diarrhea. But when I would wipe her eyes and that goop just strung along from her eye to the tissue like hot melted mozzarella cheese on a pizza, I wanted to throw up. She stayed in pretty good spirits though. She even insisted on wearing her princess fairy outfit. She had to wear it to the hospital even. Everyone was admiring her and she was just soaking it up. Theo said she did a few turns and twirls to show off the wings in the back. She is 100% better now, and these swollen eyes are now back to her normal beautiful hazel!