Friday, January 25, 2008

Red Face = Forts

When Tobie gets a red face at school, they have 3 colors, red being the worst, he is grounded from T.V. and playing with friends for that afternoon. This is what resulted in the grounding, a magnificent fort! I loved building forts when I was younger and I guess I still do. Tobie was trying so hard to make this work, but Mommy with her Architectural degree in fort building came in to complete the task. I didn't get in it, the laughs and giggles from inside the fort were enough for me. The cats scratching post is in the middle for support.

A look inside. Here is Tobie really enjoying the fort. Miriam really liked it to, I just couldn't get her to look at the camera. So that night as I am putting Tobie to bed I go through my usual speech that "we're going to try harder tomorrow to get a green face, right?" Tobie says, "If I get a red face can we build the fort again!". He tends to find the silver lining in all types of situations. He did get a green face the next day, so hopefully he learned his lesson in the fort. =)


Aleisha said...

lol...boys. They are so stinking clever. They can always twist or making something work to their favor. It dosent help that my husband still trys to do it as Glad to see their are other fort makers out there as well.

Anonymous said...

That's really putting your foot down! Coby can't find out that you do that. When Coby gets a red dot he does his homework at the table, eats if he wants to, and he usually doesn't eat dinner, then goes to bed. Usually that's all by 5 o'clock!

Lainie said...

That's so stinkin' funny. I used to LOVE to build forts too. What is it? My girls each built a fort tonight: one under the desk and the other under the end table. What fun!!