Friday, May 29, 2009

Golden Gate Bridge

We have lived here for almost 4 years now and we are just getting around to walking across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a nice warm sunny day just 20 miles north of here at our house, but when we got to the city it was cold and foggy, very typical of the bridge. But it was still amazing! Although on the way there Theo educated me with a little "fun fact" that the Golden Gate Bridge is the #1 suicidal place on earth. I was paranoid the whole time that I was going to have to pull out my sweet psychology skills and talk someone off the side and convince them life is worth another chance. Alas...I mean....good thing I never had to test those skills.
The weather didn't keep this guy away, in fact the wind is what he was there for. He would catch an updraft and just fly into the air! It was awesome to watch and see how high he would go, and a little scary. Theo shared with me that when these guys would get there thrill fix they would call the Coast Guard and say they were injured so they would come pick them up and bring them in. I totally think they should toss them off the boat after a THOROUGH examination and it has been determined that they are in good health.
A cool looking Fort looking back at the city which you can't see very well because of the fog.
Me and the Golden Gate. Back to the suicide thing; I was flabbergasted (cool word, huh?) at the phones with positive messages telling people to call for help if they were considering jumping. They were thinking of putting a net under the bridge to catch people if they did jump, but the public voted it down because they think people should have that choice. CRAZY!!!! They should make them live and suffer through life just like the rest of us!
Theo's such a good model! =)

Technically we only went 3/4ths of the way because our faces were numb and the wind was blowing so hard we couldn't hear what each other was saying unless we looked directly at each other. Every few seconds was;
"Did you say something?"
"Oh, I thought you said something."

That was definitely one of those things we are glad to say we did ONCE.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nostalgic Days

Get ready, I'm about to lay down some deep genius. (I don't even know if that makes sense, but it sounds cool.)

When we were on our way home from Theo's Graduation we were driving through Oakland and I was noticing all the old run down warehouses with graffiti on them. I started thinking about when they were first built and how they were admired and needed. Someone built that building just opening a new business perhaps and took pride in their accomplishment and this building. Now years later, this once booming industrial area is run down with the broken windows, rust and vandalism to show for it.

Then I started thinking about some of the beautiful well taken care of buildings of the world. Things like Cathedrals, Castles, architectural wonders that are maintained and admired hundreds of years after they were built.

I compare this to my memory. When I leave this earth will I be forgotten, just a fading memory that slowly deteriorates, 'out of sight, out of mind' type of thing. Or will people remember me and cherish those moments we had together. Is what I do in life going to have a positive effect on people? Can I benefit those in need? Am I teaching my children the value of serving others?

I don't know why I have been thinking a lot about this lately, maybe it's because of the 30 year mile stone this year, or maybe it's having to leave my friends in a month. Both very big events that have got the wheels of enlightenment turning. Whatever it is I hope it leads to serving others and creating memories that will be cherished long after I have gone.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My College Graduate

Yesterday Theo got his diploma! I am so proud of him! He got his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and double majored in Finance and Accounting. It has been a long hard road, with moves across the country and our 4 little speed bumps, but with persistence, determination and a semi-nagging wife he has been able to accomplish his goal.

Our 4 little speed bumps and a very proud wife. I think it was an awesome experience for the kids to see their Daddy accomplish something so wonderful. Although since it was on Friday we had to keep Tobie out of school to attend. Irony??? Perhaps.
We celebrated by going to Fentons Creamery. We even felt bold enough to order that humongous Banana Split you see on the table. The waiter tried to talk us out of it, but we can hold our own and almost polished the whole thing off.

It was a great day and I am so very very proud of my Theo!

Now to get started on his Masters. =)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cal Skate

I have found an awesome activity and I'm hooked. Regardless of the fact that I don't skate, this place called Cal Skate has Toddler Time two times a week and I am loving it! It is so much fun and the girls are naturals. Fortunately I don't have to actually wear any skates, I can just walk out to help my girls learn.
The first time Emma came she was great, but the second time she just wanted me to hold her the whole time. That's a little friend from church, Ainsley, behind her and her mother told me that her second time she hated it also. But now she is all over the place, so I know there is hope for Emma.
My friend Lisa from church, doing double duty on my behalf while I took Miriam to the bathroom. She's holding Hannah on her hip and Emma's hand. Thanks Lisa!
My little roller chick. She was loving it and really loved practicing the falling down and getting up part. (top picture)

Don't they look so cute with their little skates on? I just love it!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wild Boar 10K

Here I am coming in for the home stretch, but this was no easy accomplishment, and I'm not just talking about the run.

The run started at 8 a.m. so Theo stayed behind to get the kids ready and I took off in the Honda Civic. I was driving down 101 and all of a sudden a spider drops down from the window right by my head! I almost drove off the road. I absolutely HATE spiders! I pulled over at a truck weigh station, jumped out and knocked the spider out. After thoroughly checking the car to make sure that the spider was gone I got back in and started again.

Then on the way there I got lost, not once, not twice but THREE times!!! I was driving back and forth, calling Theo and my friend Kara trying to figure out where I was and where to go. I asked Kara what I should do if I miss the start of the race, she said, "Just start running."

When I finally found the place, that is just what I had to do. From what the traffic cop told me they had just left 4-5 minutes ago, so I just hopped out and started running.

It was a gorgeous day with beautiful views. The trail took you along a ridge of Mt. Tamalpais with awesome views of the Pacific ocean. The trail also went through some woods with streams and waterfalls. It was absolutely breath taking, and I'm so glad that I didn't wimp out because I was late.

I got off to a really good start. I was feeling good and even started to pass some of the other runners who had started the race 5 minutes before me. And they weren't just the old and injured, it was other people my age who looked physically fit. I was doing great up until mile 4 and the path started taking me slowly back up the mountain. The last and definitely the hardest challenge of the whole race was the last mile. It was uphill the ENTIRE way. I was totally exhausted, putting one foot in front of the other was like walking under water with weights dragging behind me. When I saw the Finish line I just started running, I was so ready for the whole thing to be over at that point. The race had an elevation total of 800 ft. and I swear they saved the entire incline on that last mile.

My time was 1.17, which I think was pretty good considering all the hills and the walking. My first 10K was not nearly so challenging and I did it in 1.09. So even though it took me a little longer, I can tell I am improving. I have definitely been bitten by the running bug, and I'm excited to run a 10K in Mobile....mainly because I don't have to worry about hills!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Snaggletooth Baby

None of my kids ever got any teeth before the age of 1 yr. Hannah is far exceeding them. At 8 months she has 4 teeth already! The cutest thing about it is the 4 that have come in. It's the usual bottom two, but her top choppers are really something to behold. She has only one of her two front teeth! It is the most adorable thing to see her smile as big as she is in these pictures. I couldn't decide on which one was the cutest so I used them all.

What's not so cute is the pain she inflicts while nursing! Like I said none of my kids have had teeth before 12 months, and I have never nursed longer than 10 months. I have to tell you, just because there is only one doesn't make the experience anymore pleasant. I would love to switch to formula, but the little stinker won't drink the stuff. I love nursing, but this biting thing is really pushing my tolerance. But if she won't take formula what is there to do? Just one more mother making a sacrifice for the well being of her baby. (Where's my trophy?)