Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Snaggletooth Baby

None of my kids ever got any teeth before the age of 1 yr. Hannah is far exceeding them. At 8 months she has 4 teeth already! The cutest thing about it is the 4 that have come in. It's the usual bottom two, but her top choppers are really something to behold. She has only one of her two front teeth! It is the most adorable thing to see her smile as big as she is in these pictures. I couldn't decide on which one was the cutest so I used them all.

What's not so cute is the pain she inflicts while nursing! Like I said none of my kids have had teeth before 12 months, and I have never nursed longer than 10 months. I have to tell you, just because there is only one doesn't make the experience anymore pleasant. I would love to switch to formula, but the little stinker won't drink the stuff. I love nursing, but this biting thing is really pushing my tolerance. But if she won't take formula what is there to do? Just one more mother making a sacrifice for the well being of her baby. (Where's my trophy?)


Anna said...

She is super cute...I feel your pain, all of my kids had lots of teeth before they turned one (I nursed my kids for 12, 15, & 18 months). If she really clamps down pull her close, she will let go then set her down, say ouch (not that they know what that means) but she will get the point that biting = no nursing...with my kids the biting was just a phase, they don't realize what those little teeth can do :)

Cyrus and Annie said...

Sam was a biter--youch. He got cut off at 1 year.

Chelle said...

Wow, your a trooper! The longest I went was 5 months. I just can't believe none of your other kids had teeth before 1 yr. Crazy!