Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Little Runner

Last Saturday was Tobie's first run! He was so excited! His school even started a running program this year called the Star Chasers, where after school on Wednesday's they run around the field getting a charm for every lap. Twice around is 1 mile. On race day he was more than ready. His Dad had just ran the 10K, but still got in line with Tobie to run one more mile with him. My main concern was that he wasn't going to make it. But apparently all that worrying was for nothing. Theo said he was racing different kids the whole way. He would get beside a kid and keep his pace, picking it up turning it into a one-on-one until the other kid finally pooped out and fell behind. Then Tobie was on to the next kid in front of him. I thought I had plenty of time to walk down to the finish line and get a great shot of him crossing it, but just under 10 minutes Tobie goes flying by me! He wasn't even winded when he got to the end. He even asked me, "Is that it?".

I think it is absolutely wonderful that he has taken such a liking to running. I've only become a runner in the past few years, but my whole life I secretly wanted to be athletic. I would cover up the disappointment in myself by telling people running was against my religion. It was all funny, but deep down I so wanted that life for myself. Now my son is picking it up at such a young age, and I know that Theo and I have been a big influence on him, but seeing his enthusiasm is going to be the motivation I need to keep it up.