Friday, June 27, 2008

Going Private

I woke up around 4:30 this morning and had the weird feeling that I should make my blog private. Call it pregnancy paranoia, but I am going to go with this one. If there is anyone out there that likes to read my blog that I don't know about please let me know so I can extend an invitation so you can continue to read. Thanks!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Little Graduate

Today was Tobie's last day of school and they had a little graduation ceremony. I was surprised that there weren't any hats, not even the construction paper kind. I wouldn't have minded some "Pomp and Circumstance" while they were handing out the little certificates either. But instead the Principal tapped them all on the head with a Princess Fairy wand I guess to symbolize her blessing and good wishes for the 1st Grade. It was a cute ceremony all in all and the most important thing about it is Tobie is officially graduated from Kindergarten.
All the classes took turns on the stage (the stage is behind everyone, not in this shot) and they all sang songs. Tobie was being extremely shy and didn't want to go up in the first place so he hid behind his classmates the whole time they were singing on the stage. That is why I don't have any pics of him up there. But here he is front and center unable to escape the flash of my camera. You notice the splint on his left arm, he was at a friends house yesterday and his friend pushed him off the top bunk of their bunk bed. We took him to the ER last night and he has a buckle fracture, which means it isn't broken or cracked, but because his bones are still soft it pushed one bone up in his wrist which really looks like it buckled. He has to wear this splint for the next 3 weeks. What a bum way to start the summer!

Here he is accepting his certificate. Come to think of it, I have no idea where this piece of paper went to or what it said. Oh well, one less piece of paper. The lady with the Hawaiian shirt is the Principal. Theo wasn't able to snap the camera fast enough to get the fairy wand tap. Oh darn!After the ceremony they all celebrated with some cake. I'm standing behind Tobie with Miriam perched very comfortably on my baby bump. I didn't know Theo was taking this picture or else I would have posed I little more gracefully. Anyway, that was the big day. Afterwards we went to McDonald's to celebrate and then home where we have just been sitting around.
Theo took Tobie to Karate this afternoon and the good thing about Tobie's splint is that he can't do push ups when he gets into trouble, which I understand is quite frequent. He is just a wiggle worm and has a hard time focusing. I guess he better do well or it's straight to the pink belt for his punishment!

Miriam is 3!!!

Emma couldn't wait for the party to start so she started sticking her little fingers on it and got away with the bottom of the 3.

Tobie was fighting the urge to blow out the candles, and he did very well. I eventually turned the cake around so the candles were closer to her and she had no problem blowing them out.
She loves to play dress up and loves princesses. So she got a Snow White dress and shiny red slippers. The crown was hers from another toy. She also got a couple of Sandra Boynton books, pots for her play kitchen and Mimi made her a really cute money bank.
The night before her birthday we tried a trick to get rid of her binkies. A friend of mine told me about the Binky Fairy. So we decorated this pretty card and put all her binkies in a box and left them out for the Binky Fairy to come collect them so she could share them with other babies in the world. If Miriam left her all the binkies then the Binky Fairy would leave her a present. We got her psyched up about it all week, so she was ready to get her present and we didn't have any problems going to bed that night without a binky. She was really concerned at first when we told her, she kept asking if she could keep just one, and when is the Binky Fairy going to give them back. But the night came and went without any whining or crying. The next morning she found a cute princess table and chairs with a tea set on it. There was a card from the Binky Fairy thanking her for the binkies to make it really authentic. She was so cute all morning, she didn't want to get ready for church because she wanted to play with her tea set all morning. As soon as the celebration of her party was over she spent the entire afternoon playing with it. Thank you Binky Fairy for making the transition such an effortless one!
Now my 3 year old is binky free and on her way to being completely potty trained! Wow, this age has gotten a pretty good start. I really REALLY hope it keeps up and her terrible 3's aren't as difficult as Tobie's. But I love this blond beauty no matter what her personality!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Stupid Smart People

I think one of my all time pet peeves is stupid smart people. These are people who are professionally trained and yet make the dumbest remarks that millions of people are going to believe because they have a degree. Having "Dr." before your name doesn't make you all knowing and people should be cautious as to the advice that is being given. This soap box tantrum was sparked by an article I was reading while working out the other day. It was in the Cookie magazine. There was this column where a psychiatrist was answering some questions about marriage situations. The very first question was, is it okay to fantasize about someone other than your husband. And this is not the first time I have read this answer, so apparently they teach this type of stupidity in those highly expensive college courses. The answer was; as long as you don't act on it it's okay. What does she thinks happens when two people engage in an affair, they just fall on top of one another and it just happens!?! These people do start out just thinking about this other person, then they dwell on it, then they start the "harmless" flirtation, then they start to take it to other levels. The key is, they thought about it first! Then she makes the comment that 53% of married women have admitted to having an affair. Probably because some high and mighty "professional" made the comment that it was okay to imagine having an affair in the first place. For once I would like the answer to say, "No, it is not okay to fantasize about being with someone else other than your spouse. If this thought creeps into your mind start rattling off your grocery list, call your mother or start humming that ridiculous song that Homer Simpson hums when Marge is talking to him. Something to get your mind off the matter." How about that, Cookie magazine! I have a saying, "An alcoholic doesn't know they are an alcoholic if they never take that first sip of alcohol." The same is for adultery or any other transgression we could indulge in. Doesn't that just seem like common sense. Too bad they don't give degrees out for that.

Terrible 3's

Miriam hasn't officially turned 3 yet, but her personality is definitely showing signs of the change. Yesterday I was telling her not to do something and she says in a very teenage kind of way, "Calm down Mom." I was completely side blinded. I was biting my tongue not to laugh so I could give a stern explanation that you do not talk to Mommy or Daddy that way. Tobie had terrible 3's and I think Miriam is going to follow in his footsteps. Heaven help us all!