Monday, June 2, 2008

Stupid Smart People

I think one of my all time pet peeves is stupid smart people. These are people who are professionally trained and yet make the dumbest remarks that millions of people are going to believe because they have a degree. Having "Dr." before your name doesn't make you all knowing and people should be cautious as to the advice that is being given. This soap box tantrum was sparked by an article I was reading while working out the other day. It was in the Cookie magazine. There was this column where a psychiatrist was answering some questions about marriage situations. The very first question was, is it okay to fantasize about someone other than your husband. And this is not the first time I have read this answer, so apparently they teach this type of stupidity in those highly expensive college courses. The answer was; as long as you don't act on it it's okay. What does she thinks happens when two people engage in an affair, they just fall on top of one another and it just happens!?! These people do start out just thinking about this other person, then they dwell on it, then they start the "harmless" flirtation, then they start to take it to other levels. The key is, they thought about it first! Then she makes the comment that 53% of married women have admitted to having an affair. Probably because some high and mighty "professional" made the comment that it was okay to imagine having an affair in the first place. For once I would like the answer to say, "No, it is not okay to fantasize about being with someone else other than your spouse. If this thought creeps into your mind start rattling off your grocery list, call your mother or start humming that ridiculous song that Homer Simpson hums when Marge is talking to him. Something to get your mind off the matter." How about that, Cookie magazine! I have a saying, "An alcoholic doesn't know they are an alcoholic if they never take that first sip of alcohol." The same is for adultery or any other transgression we could indulge in. Doesn't that just seem like common sense. Too bad they don't give degrees out for that.