Thursday, June 12, 2008

Miriam is 3!!!

Emma couldn't wait for the party to start so she started sticking her little fingers on it and got away with the bottom of the 3.

Tobie was fighting the urge to blow out the candles, and he did very well. I eventually turned the cake around so the candles were closer to her and she had no problem blowing them out.
She loves to play dress up and loves princesses. So she got a Snow White dress and shiny red slippers. The crown was hers from another toy. She also got a couple of Sandra Boynton books, pots for her play kitchen and Mimi made her a really cute money bank.
The night before her birthday we tried a trick to get rid of her binkies. A friend of mine told me about the Binky Fairy. So we decorated this pretty card and put all her binkies in a box and left them out for the Binky Fairy to come collect them so she could share them with other babies in the world. If Miriam left her all the binkies then the Binky Fairy would leave her a present. We got her psyched up about it all week, so she was ready to get her present and we didn't have any problems going to bed that night without a binky. She was really concerned at first when we told her, she kept asking if she could keep just one, and when is the Binky Fairy going to give them back. But the night came and went without any whining or crying. The next morning she found a cute princess table and chairs with a tea set on it. There was a card from the Binky Fairy thanking her for the binkies to make it really authentic. She was so cute all morning, she didn't want to get ready for church because she wanted to play with her tea set all morning. As soon as the celebration of her party was over she spent the entire afternoon playing with it. Thank you Binky Fairy for making the transition such an effortless one!
Now my 3 year old is binky free and on her way to being completely potty trained! Wow, this age has gotten a pretty good start. I really REALLY hope it keeps up and her terrible 3's aren't as difficult as Tobie's. But I love this blond beauty no matter what her personality!!!


Aleisha said...

I saw that binky fairy idea on one of those nanny shows. Thats awesome it worked for you. Happy Birthday! And congrats to Toby for graduating Kindergarten. You look very cute Pregnant. =o)

Lainie said...

GORGEOUS cake as always!!! Sorry I'm a month behind on commenting! But she is adorable!!! HUGS!! -L