Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Little Graduate

Today was Tobie's last day of school and they had a little graduation ceremony. I was surprised that there weren't any hats, not even the construction paper kind. I wouldn't have minded some "Pomp and Circumstance" while they were handing out the little certificates either. But instead the Principal tapped them all on the head with a Princess Fairy wand I guess to symbolize her blessing and good wishes for the 1st Grade. It was a cute ceremony all in all and the most important thing about it is Tobie is officially graduated from Kindergarten.
All the classes took turns on the stage (the stage is behind everyone, not in this shot) and they all sang songs. Tobie was being extremely shy and didn't want to go up in the first place so he hid behind his classmates the whole time they were singing on the stage. That is why I don't have any pics of him up there. But here he is front and center unable to escape the flash of my camera. You notice the splint on his left arm, he was at a friends house yesterday and his friend pushed him off the top bunk of their bunk bed. We took him to the ER last night and he has a buckle fracture, which means it isn't broken or cracked, but because his bones are still soft it pushed one bone up in his wrist which really looks like it buckled. He has to wear this splint for the next 3 weeks. What a bum way to start the summer!

Here he is accepting his certificate. Come to think of it, I have no idea where this piece of paper went to or what it said. Oh well, one less piece of paper. The lady with the Hawaiian shirt is the Principal. Theo wasn't able to snap the camera fast enough to get the fairy wand tap. Oh darn!After the ceremony they all celebrated with some cake. I'm standing behind Tobie with Miriam perched very comfortably on my baby bump. I didn't know Theo was taking this picture or else I would have posed I little more gracefully. Anyway, that was the big day. Afterwards we went to McDonald's to celebrate and then home where we have just been sitting around.
Theo took Tobie to Karate this afternoon and the good thing about Tobie's splint is that he can't do push ups when he gets into trouble, which I understand is quite frequent. He is just a wiggle worm and has a hard time focusing. I guess he better do well or it's straight to the pink belt for his punishment!

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