Friday, May 29, 2009

Golden Gate Bridge

We have lived here for almost 4 years now and we are just getting around to walking across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a nice warm sunny day just 20 miles north of here at our house, but when we got to the city it was cold and foggy, very typical of the bridge. But it was still amazing! Although on the way there Theo educated me with a little "fun fact" that the Golden Gate Bridge is the #1 suicidal place on earth. I was paranoid the whole time that I was going to have to pull out my sweet psychology skills and talk someone off the side and convince them life is worth another chance. Alas...I mean....good thing I never had to test those skills.
The weather didn't keep this guy away, in fact the wind is what he was there for. He would catch an updraft and just fly into the air! It was awesome to watch and see how high he would go, and a little scary. Theo shared with me that when these guys would get there thrill fix they would call the Coast Guard and say they were injured so they would come pick them up and bring them in. I totally think they should toss them off the boat after a THOROUGH examination and it has been determined that they are in good health.
A cool looking Fort looking back at the city which you can't see very well because of the fog.
Me and the Golden Gate. Back to the suicide thing; I was flabbergasted (cool word, huh?) at the phones with positive messages telling people to call for help if they were considering jumping. They were thinking of putting a net under the bridge to catch people if they did jump, but the public voted it down because they think people should have that choice. CRAZY!!!! They should make them live and suffer through life just like the rest of us!
Theo's such a good model! =)

Technically we only went 3/4ths of the way because our faces were numb and the wind was blowing so hard we couldn't hear what each other was saying unless we looked directly at each other. Every few seconds was;
"Did you say something?"
"Oh, I thought you said something."

That was definitely one of those things we are glad to say we did ONCE.

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The Guerra's said...

This is funny! I like the pic of you on the bridge.