Thursday, September 6, 2007

Karate Kid

As you all know, Tobie started Kindergarten and has had a little problem with the adjustment. Even though he spent a year, 5 days a week at a very nice pre-school, he is still finding it hard to manage his wiggles in class. He tends to play-fight and he can get carried away and that's when accidents happen. I keep telling him that he needs to control his body,but he responds, "My head keeps telling me to do it!". So after the teacher called me after one week of school and told me that he had lunch in the principals office I decided to take action against the voices in his head and signed him up for Karate. I figured that sports might not work since you can't wear down Tobie, and it isn't wearing him down that I think needs to happen. He needs to gain control over those naughty voices and command respect from them. He needs inner discipline! I really hope that these classes will help him in his efforts to be the victor over the impulsive, spasm-esque behavior he is portraying at school. I will keep you posted on his progress, or regression. (Heaven forbid!) Pray for me.

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Lainie said...

What a great way to treat a problem. Very clever and VERY inspired Kara! You guys are such great parents. Now if you can just get your husband home! ;0)