Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Little Sick Hero

Theo has been gone for almost 3 weeks now, and of course that is when all the kids and myself get sick. It's Murphy's Law and I am a jinx, so I knew something was coming. Two Sundays ago our whole family stayed home from church because Miriam and I were up until 3 am throwing up and dealing with diarrhea. A friend of ours from church brought dinner for us that night. Up until this point Tobie was chomping at the bits to go outside. He was totally unaffected. Our friend before leaving told Tobie that he is the man of the house now that Dad is away and that he has to take care of us all while we are sick. Well at 6:30 that night Tobie started saying he wasn't feeling good and shortly thereafter started throwing up. This sweet little boy looks up at me from the toilet after just throwing up and says, "Now who is going to take care of you?" He was so sincere that I just wanted to give him a huge squeeze. I didn't since he was still in the process of emptying his stomach, but what he said really really touched me. Now this whole week he has been battling a fever that just doesn't want to stay away. I took advantage of the priesthood around me and had some brethren come and give him a blessing. I was overcome with emotion at the opportunity that we have this wonderful power at our disposal. And there is no one more deserving of the blessings than this sweet spirit who was so determined to step up to the plate and be the man while Mom and sisters were sick. He really is my hero!


Cyrus and Annie said...

What a sweet guy, and waht a trooper mom is....YIKES.

Annie said...

It warms my heart to see how seriously he took his new role while daddy was gone.