Saturday, October 13, 2007

Emma is 1!

Well she has actually been 1 for over a week now and I am just now getting the motivation to post her pictures. Some of her milestones in the month leading up to this day have been cutting two bottom teeth, crawling on her knees and sporadically mimicking a few words, like "Ouch". She thought it was funny to whack mommy on the head with a toy hammer and make me say "Ouch". It was so cute when she tried to repeat it. It sounded more like "Out". Anyway, I brought some cupcakes to work and we celebrated there. We are planning a big combo party for her and Daddy since his b-day is at the end of the month! Here are the pictures in sequential order, so you can get the real feeling of the eventful day.
I placed her cupcake on the tray and she just beamed for about a whole minute just admiring it. Almost as if saying, "That's great mom, but, uh...what is it?"
She got the nerve and dug in with both hands, no holds barred!
She totally freaked out and was probably cursing my name with this face here.
I have completely betrayed her trust. " Mom! What is wrong with you???!!!"
I dipped my finger in the frosting and put some in her mouth. She stopped crying just long enough for the frosting to melt, then she would look at her hands again and start screaming. She did this 3 times until I got smart and put some of the cake part in her mouth.
She has discovered the joy of sugar and all is well in the Mommy and Emma universe. WHEW!
I thought this picture was priceless. Lainie's boys really enjoyed the cupcakes. She told me they would get messy, but I have no idea that Spencer would wash his hair with the stuff! This is a boy after my own heart. If I could bath in icing I just might do it. (Lainie, that is Spencer, right? ;)~ )
So that was the big day. We let her have another cupcake at night so Daddy could celebrate with us also. And you know she had the exact same reaction as she did that morning. She seemed to have a great time though. And as Tobie puts it, she is a number now, she is 1.


Lainie said...

Its actually Kendric that washed his hair with frosting! These boys are just plain trouble. Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!!!

Kara and Theo said...


Annie said...

That's so funny! Vance did the exact same freak out on his 1st birthday when he got frosting on his hand.

Annie said...

Funny business. Sam would have been just like Kendric. He has no trouble with getting dirty, or sticky, or poopy, or slimy, or wet.