Saturday, October 27, 2007

We love Halloween!

This has been one CRAZY BUSY day! But it is just too much fun to pass anything up. First we started out our day in downtown where they have trick-or-treating at the stores. They are all little boutiques or restaurants and you go from store to store getting candy. It was a lot of fun, but a little stressful since I was an only parent watching over 3 little ones on very crowded streets.

Emma is my little monkey this year. She was so cute and didn't even mind the costumes hat. Usually she is ripping that stuff off her head.
Tobie was a scary vampire, he sure is handsome for the role! Miriam was a cute ladybug, although she kept calling herself a butterfly. She was adorable no matter what she was.
One of the stores had this up so families could take pictures. They took one with their camera and are going to put it on their family wall. My kids are going to be famous! =)
They have this one area that has rock climbing, which I couldn't get Tobie down from, and bouncy houses. They even had a little train you could ride around the parking lot on, but I couldn't take one or two kids and leave another hanging. That was the hard part about this area. Tobie wanted the wall and Miriam took off by herself to the bouncy houses. Emma was asleep for half of the commotion and woke up when it was almost time to go. It was a lot of fun. We collected more candy on the way back to the car and then it was off to another party!
This is at the Coast Guard Halloween party. We were a little late and there wasn't too much to do when we got there, but I thought this was a really cute picture. And yes, I walked all over downtown dressed as Snow White.
Later that night was our Ward Halloween Party. This was the most fun of all! They had trick-or-treating in the classrooms, they had a cake walk, a bean bag toss, a fishing pole and some other things. They even had a Spook Alley. The Spook Alley was really fun, but really scary for my little man. When you walk in the overflow they had a black garbage bag draped so you couldn't see down the main part, but Tobie peeked a little. When it was time for us to go through he was so afraid that I had to pick him up and carry him. As soon as I started to walk through the curtain he yells, "No!!! I don't want to DIE!!!!" They had one of the YM on the table with blood on his shirt and the "Mad Doctor" sawing him in half as he yelled in pain. It was pretty funny, but Tobie didn't think so. We made it through and after a trip to the bathroom all was fine with Tobie.

At the Ward party Miriam wanted to be a princess. We had a fairy costume that someone had given to us, so she was a fairy princess! Very beautiful!
Here is my little monkey again with her buddy the dragon.
And here I am as Snow White. It was so funny how all the little girls downtown where staring and whispering to their parents, "Look, it's Snow White!" I just smiled and waved as if I was in Disneyland as the real Snow White. I even had the Mayor stop me on the street and ask me if I worked for Disney because I look so much the part. I thought that was pretty cool. I have always wanted a good costume and now with kids I can get dressed up and not look too much like a wierdo. This costume is definitely a keeper! Happy Halloween everyone!!!


Annie said...

Yes, you make an AMAZING Snow White. I still need to find a costume. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Chelle said...

some of your pics didn't show up but i love the costumes. it's crazy how much you do look the part. i dressed up as mother nature but everyone kept calling me fall...go figure

Lainie said...

You definitely fit the part very well! So fun!!!