Saturday, October 27, 2007

It Never Fails

It never fails that when Theo gets deployed somewhere something happens to my kids. Tuesday night, the night that Theo left I was at the church for YW. Miriam was having a wonderful time with some of her friends. They were running up and down the hallway just having a blast. Suddenly I heard Miriam screaming. I ran to her and saw blood gushing out of her mouth. I ran her into the bathroom and as I was cleaning up her mouth I noticed this ginormous bump on her forehead that was 4x's it's normal size. I finally saw that she had a huge gash in her lip that I got to stop bleeding after about 10 minutes, and after 15 minutes she was back up running around as if nothing happened. Apparently she had tripped and smacked her face into a door frame. These are pictures from the next morning. The bump on her head went way down, but today it is a spectrum of color and still has a little lump on it. But as you can see from her expression she doesn't seem to be too bothered about it.

In fact I think she may have been a little proud of her swollen lip. She seemed to show it proudly.

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Annie said...

Wow, that's a real doozer. So sorry that Theo wasn't around to help.