Monday, October 4, 2010

Emma's 4!

My third child, Emma just turned 4 yesterday! I kind of feel like I have been so focused on Hannah and the pregnancy that I am completely missing her growing up. =( If anyone is going to suffer from middle child syndrome, it's going to be her. But Heavenly Father blessed her with a very independent and strong headed spirit (a lot like her Mama!), so I'm not too worried.

I know several of my friends have a tradition of waking up the birthday kid while singing the birthday song and showering the groggy kid with presents. Not me. Call me a mean mom, but I make them wait ALL DAY LONG! Then after they have had their birthday dinner we pull out the cake and presents. I guess it's because I love surprises, maybe more than the actual surprise itself. Several times Theo wants to tell me what he has gotten for me, but I won't let him tell me. I savor the moment for as long as I can, and I do the same thing with my kids. They don't know any better, so they are very patient! Or they have inherited their Mommy's love of surprises as well.

We love the "Pinkalicious" books, so when we saw they had the costume stuff with purse and gloves included at Wal-Mart we just couldn't pass it up. Can we say Halloween costume??? ;)
All the gang. It was a nice little celebration with my Mom and Dad coming over for cake and ice cream.

Happy Birthday my little 4 year old!!!!

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Alabama Apples said...

Happy Birthday, Emma!! I love the Pinkalicious books, too. I can't wait until Emme is old enough to appreciate them. :)

I think waiting to open your presents is a cruel and unusual punishment! (however, Kit agrees with your stance, so, we wait until Daddy is sure to be home from work before we open) :)