Friday, September 24, 2010

Beluga Love (Disclaimer: It's a little racey!)

Two weeks ago we took a trip to Sea World and Disney World with the whole family. It was loads of fun and the kids were troopers. On our first day to Sea World we were all educated in the mating rituals of the Beluga Whale. This big guy had his eyes set on that female and he was determined to make it work. We were just missing some candle light and a little Barry White.
Emma's look is priceless! This is the look of innocence being shattered. Actually I'm just kidding, she had no idea what was going on. She did wonder why the boy whale was being so mean to the girl whale though. Luckily her attention was diverted by some fake ship props that included a climbing rope that was about as tall as I am. All the kids quickly lost interest, I tell you what, Beluga love making is very frustrating. Apparently you have to be very precise because they are constantly swimming around. He'd get so close, and then....miss! There was a small crowd forming of adults that was aware of what was being attempted. We all started to cheer him on, then moan in frustration for the poor whale when his efforts kept getting thwarted.
I guess that's what led to this. When all else fails, bite her....I guess.

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Alabama Apples said...

haaahaaa, too funny. Poor guy!