Friday, September 17, 2010

Lesson Not Learned

Tobie is starting a new phase in life. The annoying disobedient, defiant, back talking snotty phase. I loose my cool on a daily basis due to his sarcastic quips and hissy fits. Last night I thought I had the opportunity of a lifetime to teach him the important lesson that you better come when Mama calls you.

We had our quarterly Relief Society Meeting last night. It was really good overall, even though I have started fighting a really bad head cold and Theo was out of town for the evening which means I had to bring the kiddies with me.

When our evening was over and it was time to head home I started rounding up the kids. I say it all the time, but trying to get your kids to do what you ask all at the same time is like herding cats. They always go in different directions. I'm usually pretty good about getting them under control and out the door in a timely manner...usually. Last night I had all my girls ready and waiting, but where was Tobie?

He was running around the church all sweaty and yelling like a lunatic. I hollered at him to get in the car, that we were leaving. So he does the obvious thing and runs into the Primary room and shuts the door, still screaming like a madman. I sent Miriam down the hall to tell him to get a move on. She tells him several times to come until finally I tell her to just leave him and lets go.

I get the girls all strapped in the car and we wait....and wait....and wait. I came up with an idea to move my car so when he DID come out he wouldn't see the car and freak out a little. So I move the car and wait....and wait...and wait. Still no Tobie.

Then I got an even better idea, I'm going to leave him for real! Of course I wouldn't leave him without a way home, so I pull up to the door and a Sister was coming out who just happens to pass my neighborhood on her way home. I stage the scene telling her to go talk to him and let him know that she just saw me pull out of the parking lot, but not letting him know that I set him up a ride home. I pull out with my girls feeling very proud of myself for thinking of such a grand scheme that would certainly teach this boy a lesson.

I got home, get the girls out and wait for this Sister to bring him home. They finally arrive. I'm expecting red puffy eyes filled with tears and a heart full of repentance. Instead I find a nonchalant boy who thought it was cool to ride home in this Sister's front seat because she is able to turn off the airbag. *SIGH*

She told me when she went to get him and told him that I had left, she asked him didn't his mother tell him to get in the car? His response...."No, she didn't tell me even once!".


Alabama Apples said...

Aahhh! Stuff like that is why I have white hairs blossoming up top and my throat is often aching with the desire to shriek (or have just don)! Kuddos for your "lesson, but darn he didn't get the hint.

Mills Family said...

Sounds like Toby needs to get his ears cleaned out like my boys. It must be an eight year old phase. I hope they grow out of it quickly.

Toby did come up to me in the gym and asked me if I had seen you. He said "I think my mom left me". I said "I don't think you mom would leave you. She has got to be around here somewhere. If I see her I will tell her you are looking for her." He did look a little concerned.

Andrea said...

Oh, Kara! I know the feeling. I hate when you think you are teaching them a lesson and they act like it is no big deal. I tell Mike all the time, the reason one rarely sees people having children once they have teenagers is b/c teenagers drive parents crazy and no one would knowingly sign up for that. I was for sure your lesson was going to have him freaking out too. OH well. :) You know what is funny. I will ask my girls to do something several times in a nice voice but it seems like it's not until I raise my voice until they listen. They say, "you don't have to yell." I'm like I didn't the first million times I asked. It took my one time of raising my voice to get anywhere. Frustrating.

Kara and Theo said...

I know exactly what you mean Andrea. It always starts out nice, but they don't listen and after the 5th time asking it doesn't come out so nicely. Very frustrating. :/

Aleisha said...

Rylan is doing the same thing and he's only 6. Does that mean it's only going to get worse?? I don't think I can handle worse. He's lucky to make it to bed with dinner some nights. His mouth...AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!