Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School

My kids have actually been in school going on 3 weeks now, but I finally got in the mood to post these pictures. That seems to be the other pregnancy side effect. I have to be in the mood to do anything before doing it. But enough about my crazy, this post is about the kids.

Some people say how they can't believe how old their kids have gotten that they are now ready to start school. "How is this possible?" "Stop growing!"

Not me. Miriam is my little bookworm. She is super smart and soaks up knowledge like a sponge! I couldn't wait for her to start kindergarten and when it came time for the big first day it was like a relief of "FINALLY!". She was so ready, and I feel like I am ready to watch her excel.

Tobie is a different story. This boy has enough energy to power our house for a week if a hurricane ever came through. I always tend to say a little prayer under my breath when he goes in, hoping that he doesn't get into any trouble. He's been doing really good so far, but with a little hiccup yesterday. Apparently he didn't head his homework paper correctly and had to stay inside from P.E. Then I get a note from his teacher saying that he couldn't focus and wasn't paying attention. I have to say that taking away P.E. privilege as a punishment is the WORST idea for my Tobie! He has to move, he has to expel all that extra energy! Of course he can't focus when his legs are about to take off without him! I really like his teacher so far, and I explained that he NEEDS his P.E. time. Hopefully he can control himself, and hopefully his teacher can see how vital his exercise time is.
I know the uniforms are awesome, right. And let me tell you, I love what it does for my wallet! There's no headaches, no worrying about what's cool and they are all cheap but durable fabric.
Tobie took off to his class before we could get any pictures. Miriam is so cute! You can just see her excitement radiating from her in this picture. The second day I told Tobie to walk her to her classroom, and she said very matter of fact, "I know where my classroom is!". Well excuuuuuuse me! See what I mean, she is so ready for this.


Alabama Apples said...

Hooray for having the kiddies start school! I am looking forward for the big boys starting theirs...a bit nervous about how Gav will handle all day, but we'll get it figured out.

I love Miriam's smile! You can see she is so excited/happy to be there. :)

Andrea said...

My girls have always been the sort of kids that are like, "see ya later. I'm a big girl". I think it is so cute that Miriam is so excited. Love it!
Oh, and I LOVE uniforms too. The initial cost can be a killer, but I so love not having to hear, "what am I going to wear today. I have nothing cool to wear". Uniforms are great!