Sunday, August 17, 2008

2 Week Count Down

So here I am with only 2 weeks until my due date. Everyday is a possibility of course, and I am soooo ready to not be pregnant anymore. The contractions have started, but the baby hasn't dropped yet. Although I read that when you have had several pregnancies the baby could drop just hours before going into labor, so I can't really rely on that. I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and will give the updates then.


The Iverson Family said...

you look great!!! and we have good news we should be in OR within the month. maybe we can get together after your baby and i get settled. it has been so long!

Aleisha said...

Good luck! Jealous you only have two more weeks. But hey, I am just praying to stay pregnant right now. You look great and you are glowing!

Sarah said...

You are so close!! You really do look great! When I had two weeks left, I looked like a HOUSE. (Check out blog entry for Sept. 22, 2007 if you need proof) Good luck for a speedy delivery and a sleepy baby!! I can't wait to see pictures.