Saturday, November 17, 2012

Accountability Project First Weeks End

Tonight ends the first week of my Accountability Project. I think it was pretty successful, and I'm pretty proud of my ability to stick with this.  And all because I have to post it on here.  Tomorrow is the day to see if it worked on the scales.  As soon as I wake up I will weigh myself and then on Monday I will let you know if I lost, gained or stayed the same.  I seriously hope it's good news.

Tomorrow is also my day off, and I ain't going to lie, I am really fighting the urge to just pig out!  I don't think I will only because Thanksgiving is on Thursday and I plan to celebrate, if you get what I mean.  So here is today's report:

Accountability Project Day 6:

1 cup warm water, lemon and honey
1 cup water with White Flood
Mandarin orange cup
2 cups Coconut milk
2 scoops Whey Protein
Mushroom, onion and red pepper omelet with salsa
Chicken Lettuce Wrap (leftovers from dinner last night)
Turkey Pattie
Sauteed carrots and asparagus
Diet Soda

Workout Routine:
9 mile run

I'm still feeling hungry right now, and my sweet tooth is starting to get a bit out of control, but hopefully after tomorrow I won't feel too deprived.

Tune in Monday to find out my progress!  Also, if you would please "Follow" my blog, just go to the bottom right side where it says "Followers" and click 'Join this site'!  It's super easy this way it will notify you when I make a new posting!  If you want I also reciprocate and will follow others, just shoot me a comment. :)

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