Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Christmas Tree, A Beautiful Fail

This year we faced a dilemma with our Christmas tree.  We have a fake one that looks nice enough, but it was just too big for our little home.  We went to plan B which is to buy a smaller fake tree.  But I got to thinking and thought it was kind of silly to buy a smaller fake tree just to suit a house we will only be in for a few years.  So maybe we should live it up, buy a real tree and let the kids enjoy it for once! 

So this past Monday night for FHE we went Christmas tree shopping.  We picked out the perfect Frazier Christmas tree.  This tree was gorgeous with super soft thistles, and in the lot it looked a decent size.  It wasn't until we got it home that we realized instead of getting a smaller tree, this one is the same size if not bigger!  Even though I don't have the room for this behemoth beauty, you have to admit it sure is pretty...

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