Friday, December 7, 2012

My Baby is 2!

 Two years ago this beautiful baby came into my world.  She has been the sweetest, most laid back baby, and then she hit the 2 year mark.  She has become more outspoken in what she wants, more stubborn about getting her way and has learned to tell anyone who deprives her of what she wants "No-No!" with the same authority she hears me and Theo use on her siblings.  Yes, I have another strong willed child, who would have guessed...Ha!  Even though she has no problem expressing her feelings, she just can't express them in a comprehensible way.  That little girl is taking her dear sweet time with her speech.  Right now she says; Mommy, Daddy, Mine, No, Stop and Spongebob.  Yes that last one baffles me, she can't say her siblings names, but Spongebob she has no problem saying.  She absolutely LOVES Spongebob!  Hence the cake:

 Spongebob is saying "Happy Birthday Cha-Cha".  It's a little pet name we came up with instead of Charlie, which was the original plan.  It just seems to fit her personality more.  She wouldn't stay away from this cake, and would scream bloody murder when I would take it out of her eye sight!

For her present she got her first car, a Barbie VW Bug.  It was perfect!  Can you tell by the look on her face that she was more than thrilled at her gift?  Ha!  I'm nervous of her teenage amateur driving years because as soon as she stepped on the peddle she ran the car into those rocks off to the right of the picture and pulled one of the back wheels off the spoke that made it turn.  At least this was a simple fix, with a real car it would have been a lot more costly!

I sure do love this little lady!  Happy Birthday to my little Cha Cha!

On another note, I wanted to address the Accountability Project.  I said I wasn't going to drop it completely, but this week was a complete failure and I know I would have done better if I had remained accountable.  I didn't run as much, and I wasn't as careful with my food choices.  On the up side, my appointment with the Dietician is on Monday.  I'm hoping by then I will be put on the right track and that's when I plan on picking my Accountability Project reporting back up.  I'll keep you posted!

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Carole said...

Aw, such a cutie.. Love her in the car. Have a great week!