Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's All Good

We are all okay here!  Sandy has come, and is still hanging about, but we are safe and dry.  We really weren't expecting to come out of this so easily.  I know it has to be because of the prayers that were sent our way. 

Sunday, church was cut short, but we still had our Primary program as scheduled.  Then the waiting game began.  We brought in our flashlights from the garage and filled them with working batteries.  We gathered our candles and made sure our lighters worked.  I started cooking to try and use up the food in the refrigerator in case our power went out. 

Monday, the rain started to come.  We did laundry, dishes and more baking to use up more refrigerated food.  I filled bags with water to freeze in case our refrigerator went out we could use it to keep it cold inside.  We watched the news all day, waiting for the power to go off.  The winds picked up, and the rain fell harder.  The lights flickered all day long, but we never lost power until late last night.  The power went out around 10:30pm, the wind was really starting to howl.  We had already endured the winds from the front end of the hurricane and the eerie calm of the eye, but nothing was scarier than when the winds picked back up and started pounding the house.  Theo and I were sitting in our bed on the second floor of our house with the windows open so we could hear the rushing wind, and then all of a sudden we heard a loud crack and a tree fall.  There are a lot of trees behind our house, but whichever one that was it wasn't close enough to fall on our house.  Then as we were putting the kids to bed the wind was blowing so hard it was pushing against the windows, I thought they were going to be busted out!  We got the kids settled and they fell asleep, but I felt too uneasy staying on the second floor, just in case a tree would come down on us.  So Theo set up the air mattress and I got the Pack-N-Play for Charlotte and we moved all our sleeping children downstairs to the living room.  Luckily they all stayed asleep, but Theo and I found it hard to sleep with the crazy wind blowing outside.  We stayed up a bit until my eyes couldn't hold the lids up any longer!  I woke about 2:30 a.m. because Charlotte woke up and noticed she wasn't in her bed.  I took her upstairs, and since the hard winds had passed by this time we felt confident sleeping in our own bed. 

At 3:30 a.m. the power came back out.  Several sources told me to expect that if we our power went out it may take at least a week for it to come back on, thankfully that wasn't the case.  We are doing really good today, no damage, power is on...life is good.

Please pray for those who have been more negatively effected from this storm, and all those who have to yet to feel its wrath. 

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Carole said...

So glad you came through ok. Just hoping that everyone else was ok too. Take care.