Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Apple Picking

For Joy School we were going to be studying Johnny Appleseed, so Jen, the other mother teaching with me got the great idea to go apple picking!  I love U-Pick places, my kids really enjoy it and they really seem to enjoy the food that they pick personally more so than the food I bring home from the store.  So we planned it on a day when ALL the kids were out of school, between the 2 of us we had 9 kids!  But we were not going to brave this by ourselves, my hero, Theo took the day off to come along with us. :)  It was still a little pricey, and we heard the day after that apparently apple prices were up because of bad crop production.  Oh was still super fun!

I thought I was doing good by remembering the camera and to check the batteries, guess what I didn't check...memory card.  Yep, it was at the house safely tucked into the memory card slot.  *sigh*  And on top of that my camera with the cool Instagram app doesn't work all the time.  It's funny how when my kids get a hold of it they can take 50 consecutive pictures of random stuff, but when I take pains to get the right shot or a cute moment, it doesn't work...what the?!!  So here you are graced with some pictures taken with Theo's phone:

 I got one good picture with my camera using the Instagram app before it just completely stopped working for me.  It's a cute one though!
 SOOO excited!!!
"Look at these huge apples!"

We bought 20 lbs of apples, and after only getting to use 4 for some homemade applesauce my kids ate them all within 2 days.  What can I say, my kids are apple freaks.

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