Thursday, October 4, 2012

Emma's 6th Birthday

My little Emma Bean (her nickname, Bean is not her actual middle name) has turned 6 years old!!  This has got to be the hardest 6 years of my life!  There has been joy, but there have been tears...oh the tears...shed out of frustration, anger, feelings of inadequacy as a mother that is clueless as to how to raise a child that is LITERALLY the definition of 'spirited'.  I love this picture of her, and this is her essence in a picture...fiery defiance, but with the widest brown eyes that are so easily accepting, and those lips!  Holy Cow, she was blessed with the cutest pout!  It's so hard to be upset with her when she makes this face because her lips are so adorable...

This year she kept asking for an Easy Bake oven, but I know that equals HUGE that was out.  She was also asking for a swimming Barbie, but the thing is they have TONS of bath toys and besides what she really needs is a new bike.  She just learned how to ride on two wheels, a few days before Miriam was able to master it.  So she kept taking Miriam's bike, it has been WWIII up in here fighting over who gets the bike.  It was so hard telling her that she had to give it up since it is Miriam's bike because ever since she learned to ride it has been her world as soon as she wakes up to her sleep induced pleadings at night to let her ride "Just a few more minutes!". 

We kept trying to push it on her, prodding..."Wouldn't you like a new bike Emma?  Then you wouldn't have to fight Miriam for hers.  She was completely against it, but once she saw the bike she was completely convinced that was exactly what she wanted.

 What little girl wouldn't LOVE a Barbie bike!  And it has a tiny bike that attaches to the handle bars that you can put a Barbie on and it will stay as you ride.  So cute!
 Safety first!
This year I made her a Hello Kitty cake, this girls wardrobe largely consists of Hello Kitty apparel.  The cake turned out really cute, but I used the star tip to cover it and I really wanted to do fondant.  I just ran out of time, and man did my hand pay for it!  I really hate doing stars...but it was adorable, she loved it and that's all that matters. 

It was a good day.

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Jessica Reid said...

All I can do is stars, and my hand pays for it. Fondant scares me!