Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Treats

We LOVE Halloween around here.  Theo loves Halloween so much he came into the world on that day, and I love it so much I found a man that was born on Halloween and married him. :)  The downside is it is the beginning of the slippery slope holiday season.  There is no way around it, the candy, the parties, the food, the candy!  And it one right after another...Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year's, then Valentine's, then Easter...then it's swim suit season.  Isn't it such a cruel world! 

But of course I had to contribute to it tonight at the Ward's Halloween party by making my chocolate cupcakes with cookies and cream filling and buttercream icing on top dipped in Oreo cookie crumbs to give the appearance of dirt, then a chocolate covered graham cracker on top with RIP to represent a tombstone. 

They were a big hit, and that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  One lady even told me that was the best tasting cupcake she has ever had!  Now that's a true compliment.  There wasn't one cupcake left! 

This past Monday I made this stuff called Monster Munch that I found on Pinterest:

Oh my about good!  This stuff is freaking awesome!  Popcorn, white chocolate, peanuts, Reese's pieces, candy corn....can it get any better!

But I think I have caught on to something this year and my kids have helped me come to this solution, they loved this stuff so much they wanted to share it with all their teachers.  Tobie has 5 teachers, Miriam has 2, as well as Emma.  So I made up 9 goodie bags with some cute tags and sent off this magnificent munch off.  There was only a little left that I divided between Hannah, Charlotte, Theo and myself.  I didn't pig out, because I gave it away so I wouldn't have enough to pig out with!  I'm so smart.  Ha!  That's what I did with the cupcakes, I taste tested a plain cupcake as they came out of the oven, and then I had only one with all the icing and filling and then gave the rest away.  I feel good about it, I still need to make sure that I run at least 5 miles tomorrow, but at least I don't feel completely riddled with guilt for gorging.  And since I love to bake and cook, this is a win win.  I don't have to give that up, and I can enjoy the rewards of good food.

With this new plan I'm ready to take on this holiday season....Bring it on.

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Alabama Apples said...

Good plan...unless you're me and my treats always look sub-par, so i don't want to give them away, but they still taste too good to throw that leaves me HAVING to eat them...sigh...

seriously, though, crazy cuteness! I love your cupcakes!! I want to be a member of your ward/school so I can snag me some! ;)