Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekend with Mimi and Pawpaw

I didn't get to blog yesterday because my parents were here over the weekend and they absolutely wore me out!  But in a good way, we had so much fun and the kids were so happy to spend time with them.  They were actually begging them to stay a little longer, hopefully their next visit they can do that.  Here are some pictures of our adventures together.

 Friday, after dropping the kids off at school, we headed over to Philly.  We got to see the Liberty Bell, the last time I was here was when Theo graduated from boot camp and we spent a day in Philly after the ceremonies.  It was the first time my Dad had seen the bell, my Mom has been here before back in 1950 as a child.
 Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed.  It's a really beautiful building.
 The clock tower.
 On Saturday the whole family ventured to the Statue of Liberty.  Theo and I and the kids have taken the Staten Island Ferry and passed by her, but this time we actually got to go to her island.  The photo above was a really old cool train station in Liberty Park where we had to catch the ferry.
 Inside the train station.
 The ticket area, and Tobie.
 The girls posing outside of Ellis Island, which is a very beautiful building, I don't know why we didn't take a picture of it.
 Still on Ellis Island.
 Cool picture Theo took of a copper motorcycle made from scraps of copper from the Statue of Liberty.  I love how he got her reflection in the glass!
 Quick family pose.
Lady Liberty in all her glory!  I knew she was green, it's an oxidation effect from copper being exposed to air, but you really don't get the full brightness of it until you are standing at her feet.  She was a gorgeous bright green color that was absolutely beautiful! 

It was such a wonderful and fun-filled weekend with my parents, I miss them so much, and it's little trips like this that mean so much to me.

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