Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our New House

For almost a month now my family has been going through a huge transition and have been forced to become nomads in the meantime. Theo, being in the Coast Guard, has been transferred to my hometown of Mobile, Alabama.

In our search for the perfect house we have been staying in an 11'X12' room in my parents house. It's a nice size room, for one person, but for a not-so-small family of six this arrangement can get a little hairy. As soon as we came into town the house hunting began.

Our realtor, Angela Locklier, (awesome!) showed us plenty of houses in the area that I wanted and the school district I wanted. But it was the same old story, too old, too small. We also have to keep in mind the resale value of the house since Theo's job could relocate us in 4 years.

Ironically on the way to church on Sunday I went down a road I have been done countless times in my youth, and there was this new subdivision of these really nice expensive looking houses. I have to admit I wondered why those new houses were being put in this area of all places. Out of curiosity, after church we decided to just take a peek. I told the contractor/realtor what we were looking for and what we could spend. And can you believe that he took us to see this beauty!?! I absolutely LOVE it! The brick, the detail, the space, the newness. Everything on our checklist was checked. It is still under construction, but it's just the finishing touches and will be ready by the time our paperwork is completed.

My parents are going out of town to volunteer in the Hill Cumorah Pageant which will free up the master bedroom for us and will be a relief as we wait another month to get into our house. I have a feeling it will be all worth it!
This is a view of the house as you walk in the front door.
My HUGE kitchen, one of my requirements, with granite countertops. BONUS!
The island that Theo started on for me for Mother's Day 3 years ago will go nicely in here. I just hope it doesn't take him another 3 years because I want to enjoy it now!

The dining room with 12 ft. tray ceilings.
Living room and fireplace that has yet to be painted. On the list of things to do to get in move in ready.
Master bedroom with trey ceilings.
Double sinks, the key to a succesful marriage. :)
Seperate shower and tub and a walk in closet that could be the nursery!

Also the funny thing about this location is that it is in walking distance of the elementary school that I went to growing up. Tobie thought that was so cool that he gets to go to the same school his Mommy went to when she was a little girl.

I'm so excited to get our lives started in our new house, and maybe if we really like it we will be given the opportunity to enjoy it for longer than just 4 years.


Aleisha said...

I'M JEALOUS!!! Oh how I want my own home. If all goes as planned, we can come home debt free and be able to get a home. I can't wait. Looks like an amazing home. Congrats!!!

Andrea said...

Love your home. Funny, how things always seem to work out for the best. The Lord is awesome!

kara said...

I hate you. Congrats.

Susan said...

I LOVE your house, Kara. And, I am so glad that you'll be in our ward. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help=D

Lainie said...

THAT IS SO COOL!!!! Congrats! Are you in now? How are you settling? Please send more pix!!!!