Monday, June 22, 2009


There isn't going to be a lot of dialogue on this post. It's late and we are half way across the country. But I just needed to get these pics posted before they all start mounting up and I never get them done. Last Thursday we started our trek East by going to Yosemite National Park. Can I just say breathtaking! It just amazes me the beauty of this world that God has created for us. The trees, the waterfalls, the mountains and we even saw a black bear as we almost hit it because it ran out in front of our car. I regret that we didn't realize we were that close to Yosemite sooner because we could have enjoyed this vastness of wonder 4 years ago. Such is my luck.
This is the roots of a fallen Giant Redwood. That thing was HUGE!
This tree has been carved out since 1800 and something (?) and people carved names and the dates into the wood, we found dates from 1901 to 1929 and beyond.
El Capitan on the left, the dome shaped mountain, and you can sort of see the waterfall in the middle, Bridalveil, and to the far right is some tourists.
Close up of El Capitan.
An even closer close up of El Capitan.
The girls posing on some rocks.
Us at Bridalveil. Don't we look like the happy family? We were getting soaked by the mist, but the kids don't have sour faces because of that. They were mad that we wouldn't let them go play on the jagged rocks under the waterfall. We are such horrible parents.

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