Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Desert

(In front of the Lemon's house with a HUGE gorgeous cactus in front.)

After our stay at my friend's house we decided to look around this part of Arizona since I have never really been around cactus that much, or the desert for that matter. It was absolutely beautiful with all the hills and tall cactus peppered all over. I always feel when riding in a car the windows are t.v. screens and I don't really feel like I am there unless I roll down the windows so I can feel and smell the air around me. It was really hot and really dry! But there was this peaceful feeling from being in the desert. I told Theo this would be something nice to come to a spa or something of that nature out in the desert. I guess because of the dry dusty air I was constantly feeling dirty, so the idea of being at a spa so we could clean up in relaxation sounded really alluring to me.
I read some sign about the baby cactus and how these mammoth things start out the size of your thumb. I told Tobie about it and we went baby cactus hunting. Here he is sharing his knowledge while Daddy takes his picture.
You can kind of tell in the background how the clouds would cast these huge shadows on the hillside. I just thought that was the most beautiful thing.
No more mountains for us. Kind of sad really.
The all-knowing sign also told me that they don't start growing 'arms' until about 75 years of age. These guys must be pretty old!

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