Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Guerra's

Dear Guerra's,
I was so glad that it worked out that we were able to come over this evening and have dinner together. The timing was perfect, even though my sleep-deprived cranky kids made it a little difficult to visit. Sorry about that!
Xavier, I wasn't expecting dinner and a show, but it was definitely entertaining! LOL! It has been so much fun, and colorful, knowing you. :)
Nicole, it has been so much fun hanging out together. It's awesome how comfortable I am talking to you about anything. I guess because I know your husband, I know nothing I say is going to shock you! HAHAHA! You have such a beautiful family and I feel so blessed that we were able to become such good friends. Thank heavens for FB so we can keep in touch! And you guys will have a better place to stay when you come back this way. *hint, hint**wink, wink*. You can come out to do our next family photo!!! Isn't that a great idea! Well...just think about it.

Love you sweetie!

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Lainie said...

LOVE you back, girl. Have a safe trip to your new home. I totally forgot about you coming for dinner that one time. Funny...its soooooooooooooo easy to do nice things for people you love! I have forever in my memory your cheerful greeting, "Mornin" said with your cute southern-ness. HUGE HUGS!!!!