Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Pantajja's

Of course I had this brilliant idea to take pictures of the friends that fed our little family on Tuesday of last week, after we had dinner on Monday with this beautiful family, the Pantajja's.
I finally got a picture of the whole family this evening and I could hardly wait to post about them.
Ralph, thank you so much for opening your house up to us and the wonderful kindness you have shown. Most importantly, thanks for being so supportive of your wife that she has been able to join our little group! =) She has been and still is such an asset to the ward and the sisters around her.
Nicole, thank you so much for being my instant friend, you never waited to get to know me before extending your arm of service. The time we had seems so brief, but it sure is filled with some good times! April diving across your table during the game of Spoons, having dinner and FHE at your lovely house and the Easter Egg Hunt you set up for everyone. Every time I eat coconut oil I will think of you, as well as the vinegar drink. And who could forget about the BBP??? LOL! =) I know this isn't a 'goodbye', just a thank you for all that you have done for me and my family, especially during this long drawn out moving process. I will see you next year at Woman's Conference!

Love you mama!

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