Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Rich's

At the moment we are homeless. Are household goods have been packed in boxes and sit lonely in our house waiting for the moving truck to pick them up tomorrow and start them on their journey to Alabama without us. In the meantime we are spending our last few days here in California at a hotel. The idea of having to eat out every night may sound good in the chef's perspective, but for me eating out all the time tends to lead to indigestion and feeling just down right miserable. Knowing this I was inspired to send out a plea to my friends and ask them to take in my homeless family for the evening to feed us some good home cooked meals and spend some really good quality time together one last time before we relocate our lives. My plan is to get a picture with each of my friends and post them here with a little message for them of thanks and appreciation to let them know how much I am going to miss them.
Tonight was with our friends Mike and April Rich. They moved into the ward shortly after we did. Our kids are fairly close in age and have become really good friends. So this is for the Rich family.
Dear Rich family,
Thank you so much for the food, for the AWESOME goodie bag for our trip, but most of all thank you for your friendship. You guys have been wonderful!
Mike, your soft tone that you have always reminds me that I need to be mindful of mine, and that I need to show more patience and understanding with my kids instead of trying to rule with an iron fist. Your thoughtfulness in giving us the tour at ILM with be something that we will always remember. Thank you for being such a great example and such a good friend.
April, you have been such a great VT. I knew that I could always count on you to help me out in case of any pick-up emergency. I will be forever grateful for your sweet music writing skills. I will never forget the rendition of "I Will Go Where You Want Me to Go.", and my favorite "Come Thou Font of Every Blessing" that you did, and sadly enough I may never sing it again since that beautiful musical genius of that song is all in your head. I have never come across someone with such an amazing talent. (Have you thought of composing?) I will definitely be keeping in touch wherever I move and getting your opinion about songs or asking you to write me yet another descant. =) I will be forever thankful that Heavenly Father assigned you as my VT, but most importantly that we were able to become such good friends. I consider you a true sister.
With love,


Lainie said...

I would have fed you dinner! Hope all the travels are going well and that you will settled very soon!!! MISS YOU!!!!!!!

Andrea said...

I don't even know them, but they sound wonderful. I seriously thought I was going to cry reading your thanks to them. What a wonderful family.
I hope you have a safe trip here.