Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Freemantle's

Dear Freemantle's,
We had a blast at your place tonight! Thank you so much for dinner and the wonderfully fun time. Your awesome family will definitely be missed!
Vince, your sweet cookie making skills will definitely be missed! We'll have to keep in touch so we can compare notes, and let me know how it goes for the fudge cookies. =) You are such a great dentist and I have always enjoyed going to my appointments knowing that I would be greeted so nicely and treated so great.
Karen, I'm so bummed that my opportunity to go to Girl's Camp has eluded me yet again. It's not just the idea of going to camp that seems like fun, but being able to go with you would be awesome! Your child-like (not childish) ;) enthusiasm has encouraged me to be more enthusiastic with life, even if that means being my kids cheerleader when I don't have the energy. Even though you are too old for some of our groups (*wink, wink*) you have that spice for fun which I have loved! Going to 'Twilight' the midnight showing was THE most fun, even though the movie was sub par. (haha) Thank you so much for your help with Miriam's party also. It was such a relief not to have to worry about the nails! This ward has produced so many great friends that I consider as close to me as a sister, and I feel so blessed to include you in that group.
With Love,

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