Friday, June 12, 2009

Girls Game Night Ladies'

In true fashion of our GGN, I got home WAY too late last night and was unable to post. What can I say about these ladies? They have been my outlet, my confidant, my shoulder to cry on, my entertainment, my audience and so much more. GGN has gone through so many transformations to get to where it is, but the group has stayed pretty much the same. We have really grown together in the last few years that we have been doing this. From fondue nights (YUM!) to ice cream sundaes and arm wrestling, this group keeps it lively and never dull. Sometimes we would play games and sometimes we would just sit around chatting about life and kids or our future endeavors in inventing (i.e. nursing pad paisties), or giggling like little school girls about our love lives and how we are still in awe that we have one and what fun it is! No matter what the topic we knew we were safe, we were among non-judging friends and we could talk about anything. They have become my family. My sisters in God. I will miss them dearly.

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