Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Miriam's 4th Birthday Party

Miriam's birthday party was last Friday. It was a Princess Party, if you can't tell. All her little girl friends came over dressed as little princesses. They were all so cute! I only got a few pictures from the party because I'm horrible at remembering to take pictures. (I know that makes me a bad mom.) We took video of us singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing out the candles, but it is too large to upload and I'm not computer savvy enough to figure out how to change it to make it smaller so it will fit. So bare with me through the present opening phase of the party.
We made Princess crowns for all the girls to wear. Some were very asymmetrical and some, like Emma's was just random jewels and random letters. They wore them proudly and that's all that mattered!
We surprised her with a new princess dress the morning of the party. She was Cinderella. Ariel, a.k.a. Emma O. is to her right and Snow White, a.k.a. Snow White is on her left.

Her friend Mya wore a pretty fairy princess costume. She had these really cool wings!

Miriam wants to collect Littlelest Pet Shop animals and My Little Pony's now. She loves this dress given to her by her friend Brinnley, which her mother, Karen F. got for us as kind of a joke. You can't tell in the pictures but it is covered in bling and it is VERY loud colors! Of course Miriam LOVES this dress.
Opening more presents...
After we decorated the crowns the girls took turns getting their nails done up with polish and glitter, thanks to my friend Karen Freemantle for doing this part for me! Then after they came into the living room and we played freeze dance. Although it took them a while to warm up to the music and really allow themselves to get down. Here is the beginning of the freeze dance portion of the party. It's a little reminiscent of every youth dance I've ever gone to. The girls standing tentatively, acting too shy and self conscience to dance....and no boys in sight.
This was our big present to Miriam, and Emma was more than happy to show Miriam how it worked. She's doing her pouty face because we are telling her to give Miriam a turn on HER present. She was very disappointed that she couldn't open any presents. This horse was a cool find. Some company in the area, I can't remember the name, specializes in the really upscale cool baby clothes and gear. Once a year they have this huge sale that only a few people know about, and I got to hear about it. I actually didn't get any clothes, but when I saw this horse I thought it was too good of a deal to pass up. When you pull on the reigns it neighs. It doesn't rock, but it's still pretty cool. Miriam named her 'Sally'.

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Anisha said...

Lovely pictures of her birthday party... She looks like a princess in this dress... Love you baby :0)