Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blog Me

My little Emma has come a long way in improving her speech. She has a slight speech delay that has required the help of a Speech Therapist. I love hearing her speech becoming more clear especially since I can now hear the thoughts that are swimming around in her little 2 year old mind. My favorite right now is her sentence structure. Everything is "_____ me." For example, we were at a Hotel pool in San Antonio, TX and when it was time to go inside she obediently gets out and walks to where our things were laid and says, "Towel me". Whatever she wants or needs she says that one word followed by "me". The "Towel me." was my favorite, but here are some of her other requests:

"Juice Me."

"Diaper Me." (meaning change her diaper)

"Blanket Me."

"Read Me."

Ah, the cuteness of youth. I don't think Theo would find it as endearing if I started talking to him like that. I'll just leave it up to Emma since she does it so well.

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