Friday, July 10, 2009

Driver's Ed 101

I have a pet peeve that has the ability to turn me into the Hulk with rage. I don't know how many people out there are aware of this so let me just educate anyone who does not remember this section of the Driver's handbook.

On a two lane road the left lane is the "passing" lane. NOT the 'fast' lane. I have to stress that it isn't the 'fast' lane because some people are under the notion that if they are going 5 miles above the speed limit this qualifies them to occupy this lane. This is an irritating misconception, especially when I am trying to pass someone who is in the right hand lane only to be deterred by another slow driver in the left lane.

Do you see my frustration?

It's even worse if the driver in the left lane is going the same speed as the person in the right lane and I am stuck behind two slow drivers without any chance to pass. Talk about just wrong!

I don't consider myself to have road rage often, but when this happens I just start seeing green and the veins throughout my body pulsate as I feel myself transform into a huge green ape in purple pants.

Remember, Left lane = Passing Lane. NOT Fast Lane. You'll be quizzed on this later.


Andrea said...

LOL. I'm sure I irritate people with this. I always drive in the left lane on Hillcrest b/c often times it gets conjested and I don't have time to get back in the lane when I need to turn into my neighborhood. However, I do always go the speed limit. I try to not go any faster than that anymore even in that lane b/c I have had 2 tickets within the past 2 years and can not afford to have another one.
In fact, there was someone behind me today that wanted to go faster than the 40 mph speed limit and it was too conjested for me to get over to the right. I know that person wanted to run over me.
Thanks for the lesson. :)

Kara and Theo said...

HAHAHA! I hope it wasn't me behind you. =)

Andrea said...

LOL! :)

kara said...

The "same speed in both lanes" thing is the Utah Road Block. It sucks bigtime.