Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trix Krispies

I found this recipe on Pinterest and thought they looked so pretty I just had to make them! I don't have a picture of the batch that I made because my camera phone is messed up somehow. I guess it's fine, because my Trix Krispies didn't look as pretty. They were colorful, but I was making a lot for the Ward Memorial party so I made them thinner than the picture. Also I found that even though the taste was good, the cereal got a little soggy from the butter, not too bad, just a little chewy. But it really is my fault. I saw this picture and thought it was just a regular Rice Krispies recipe, but now that I have researched the source I see that a few things are different. So even though they were really good I will make sure I use this bloggers recipe instead of trying to improvise.

I have a friend who was at this party who told me that she used to do this all the time in college! That they would actually just use whatever left over cereal there was around. That got my wheels turning! I may get a better turn out with Fruity Peebles, or what about Chocolate Krispies with the Chocolate Peebles, that's what they are called, right?

Anyway, the possibilities are endless! This may be the beginning of a Krispies phenomenon! I may just open a Krispies Boutique like how all the cupcakes got big, this just may be the next best thing! Look for me on Food Network's new show: Kara's Krispies.

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