Thursday, May 24, 2012

Adios to Uniforms!

When we first moved into the area we found out that the kids would be in uniform at school. At first I was so excited and loved seeing them in their uniforms ready for their first day of school.

Now though, not so much. With 3 being in uniforms it's hard keeping up with everyone's things, and if an item gets lost you have to spend all morning looking for that one item. I can't tell you how many mornings we have been nearly late because I can't find a white shoe! If there were no uniforms I could just put them in an available pair, problem solved! But with uniform requirements we can't do that.

I also hate that not only do I have to buy them uniforms, but I have to buy them play clothes as well. Not too friendly on the pocketbook. Also I have a beef with the stores here. They usually have this big going back to school sale where all the uniforms are available at good prices. But then during the year when those clothes get torn or stained you can't find uniform clothing anywhere! What's up with that?

I know there are benefits to wearing them, but I am looking forward to the school system in NJ were our kids are free to wear whatever they want! Or whatever happens to be clean, whichever comes first...

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