Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Meager Garden

Growing up, my Dad headed the Prophet's advice to grow your own food and work to being more self sufficient. We had an Olympic sized swimming pool of a garden out back that the whole family worked on. I hated that thing...

But in my older years I have come to appreciate the self sufficiency that you can obtain from having your own garden. Unfortunately my green thumb is only equipped with growing weeds. I'm a pro at that!

I don't let that hinder my resolve to have a flourishing garden some day. I say 'flourishing' because this is my meager garden now. I have one, but so far all I can grow is flowering buds and insects. I'm hoping that through trial and error one day it will click and I will get the garden I have always worked so hard for.

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Jessica Reid said...

Plant green onion. It's so easy to grow and it grows all year if you cut it at the base instead of picking it and it's an ingredient you always need but rots fast from the grocery store. Green onion. You can do it!