Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Personalized Playtime

It's already in the mid 90's here in LA (Lower Alabama) so that means time to break out the kiddie pool! Hannah had a specific request for her pool this year. It had to be purple with stars!

You would think it being the end of May they would have plenty of pools to choose from, but with the heat Wal-Mart has already been picked through. Not only do they not have the little hard plastic pools for $10, they only had these big hard plastic ones with a built on slide with steps. I was afraid that Charlotte would hurt herself on those steps, and the price tag was hurting me! $35 for this behemoth!

Thankfully Hannah had her heart set on her purple pool with stars, so she snubbed the bigger more expensive pool! Phew!

Inside we didn't have much luck finding what she wanted either. When I came across the inflatable pools I found the perfect sized one for her and Charlotte, and the price was good to! But it was green...

So my MomGyver wheels started turning and I convinced her that if we get the green one then I will also get some markers and she can decorate it however she wanted. That sealed the deal!!

Before filling up the pool we decorated it with some Sharpie's, this is definitely a parental involvement activity. As soon as the older siblings got home from school they got in on the decorating to, so I guess it is good for all ages!

I did have the idea to do it with washable markers and then they can wash it off and do it again and again, but I'm not sure how that would work on the wet sides.

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